TURBOARD, a next-generation and domestic business intelligence system that easily connects to data from various sources to create diverse visualizations, has chosen neatCal to experience the simplest form of communication within the organization and to enhance efficiency.

Founded in 2004, TURBOARD platform distinguishes itself through its user-friendly, dynamic, flexible, and interactive web-based interface, enabling decision-makers to comprehend real-time data quickly and effortlessly, even without technical expertise.

TURBOARD’s one of the main purposes is to contribute to productivity in several key ways. TURBOARD already is able to increase the productivity for their customers, but needed a tool to increase the productivity internally.

Having that in mind, TURBOARD has chosen neatCal to enhance internal communication and improve productivity by enabling individuals to comfortably ask questions. Additionally, they also utilize Neatcal as a human resources platform, specifically for managing the leave and permission system.

Since TURBOARD began using neatCal in March 2021, TURBOARD was able to: