HAVELSAN, one of the leading military technology firms in Turkey, chose neatCal to manage the schedule for internal services that are provided.

Founded in 1982, HAVELSAN with its deep-rooted experience has been providing high technology and software-intensive solutions to the Turkish Armed Forces, public and private entities, and many> other international customers, currently serving them through a team of 3,300+ highly competent professionals.

HAVELSAN is committed to providing excellent support for its employees in areas such as health, wellness, and personal car washing. Managing the schedules for these varied services necessitates a straightforward and efficient booking system.

Having that in mind, HAVELSAN has chosen neatCal to make all appointments through a single platform, ensuring that scheduling is streamlined and centralized.

The Human Resources team at HAVELSAN has also requested an additional platform to streamline the process of scheduling and sharing events with all employees, as well as organizing events for specific groups, utilizing the capabilities of neatCal.

Every month, HAVELSAN has the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of the services they require internally, considering both quantitative and qualitative aspects.

Since HAVELSAN began using neatCal in January 2023, HAVELSAN was able to: