We provide user friendly applications for our clients worldwide.

Our Story

Yasin started to develop neatCal in 2008 as a simple calendar application to improve his coding skills. It become famous quickly in his university and used by lots of professors and instructors. Then he released it as Smart PHP Calendar and it's used by lots of small business and large enterprises (Cisco, Walt Disney, Bigelow Aerospace, Berkeley University, vmware, Verizon and more.)
After getting so many feedback from his clients he realized that people need an application that helps them to manage their schedule, contacts and bookings easily. So he decided to develop neatCal.
Yasin Dağlı, Founder and CEO

Hand Crafted Software

When we develop a software we build it from our users' requests and feedback. We don't use ready codes, frameworks and packages for our core functions. Our important features are hand-crafted and tested by us. So we know our code better, fix bugs and develop new features faster.

Management Team

Yasin Dağlı

Founder, CEO

Tuğrul Kararlı


İlter Tolga Doğan


Ansel Canberk Kararlı


Our Values

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We are a family with our customers. When our customers are happy we are happy too.
  • Passion

    We are passionate about our software and our business.
  • Humility

    We have the humility, hunger to learn. We never underestimate our competition.
  • Simplicity

    We love to build software advanced and intelligent yet simple.
  • Loyalty

    We are loyal to our customers.
  • Result

    We love to achieve results and celebrate when we do.

Our Goal

Our goal is developing beautiful, intelligent and user-friendly applications.